Article | The Power of Marketing in Print

Marketing in print has been around for hundreds of years, and there's a good reason for that; it works. With the availability of radio, TV, and online marketing, many companies are focusing a disproportionate amount of their marketing budgets and campaigns to them. Depending on the target market, they can be a viable as part of an overall marketing strategy, but print offers a number of unique advantages that no other media can offer.

Print is Tangible
Print is something your market can touch, feel, and even smell. It creates a physical interaction between you and your audience, as they open it, turn the pages, or remove a special offer or mail-in response.
Print is Credible
A message in print has an automatic level of worth and believability with the viewer. The time and effort to produce it implies that a printed piece has value. Print is personal. Reach out and touch specific segments of your market by using their individual name or send a targeted message based on your market segment's interests, income, or a host of other demographics.
Print is Engaging
Consumers have a higher level of interest and they read at a rate as much as 30% higher versus digital text. It increases the chance that your message will be read and understood.
Print is Memorable
Information in print has a "stickiness factor" to it. Consumers remember and respond to printed materials more than any other medium. Consumers can only respond if they remember you.
Print is Polite
Print never interrupts or intrudes on its audience. Unlike TV, radio, and digital media, a message in print is an invitation and it is only viewed when a consumer accepts that invitation on their own terms.
Print is Informative
The best venue for detailed and complicated information is print. It allows your audience to read at their own pace, reread it, and refer to it in the future to fully absorb the information you want to convey.
Print is Renewable
Nature's renewal resources of wood fiber, water, vegetable oil, and pigments are the foundation for today's printing. It means that the printing process takes nothing from the environment that it does not replenish.
Print is Competitive
Today companies are investing disproportionately in their online presence. Print is a cost-effective strategy for taking market share from your competitors. Print is multilingual. Speak to your audience in their own language. It creates a connection and multiplies the reach within your market. Print has the added advantage of communicating multiple languages simultaneously.
Print is Multidimensional
A printed piece goes well beyond height, width, and depth. The colors, images and layout all add extra dimensions that reinforce to your message.
Print is Measurable
Inquiries, special offers, and coupons are just a few of the ways of gauging the positive response of your print campaign. You can also refine future messages for even higher results.
Print is Multidirectional
Print is excellent for pointing your market to your digital presence. Web links, personalized urls, and QR codes seamlessly transport your audience to more information about your products and services.

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