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Back Story | Wallace Graphics
In 1987, John Wallace founded his print shop in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the last 25 years it grew from a small print shop into a full service printing business that offers graphic design, offset and digital printing, specialty finishing, fulfillment, and mailing services
Initially, Mediarail Design was brought in to create a sales kit to convey their various printing services. After meeting with the client and reviewing the brand, we also recommended addressing the brand first and redeveloping it.
The first phase included interviews with ownership and staff, speaking with their competitors, requesting sales literature, and touring competitors facilities.

After gathering all the information and materials, the creative direction for the brand was to continue with their signature red color, and replace the gold color of the original logo with a dark neutral gray; similar to the gray exterior of the printing presses. The gray is a softer color than the standard black in most logos.
The Meta Bold font was selected for its strength and high readability at small sizes and from long distances. It has a modern look and feel to it, and it was originally created for the German Postal Service.
The inspiration for the logo icon and new tagline was based on the extensive line of printing and related services offered by Wallace Graphics. The objective was to create a unique and very identifiable icon with a "mathematical" feel to it, because the printing is based on precise processes and formulas.

The next phase was to create a brand standards and style guide. The multi-page document serves as the rule book for the appropriate use of the logo, font and color palettes, email signature templates, and voice mail scripts. All of these elements ensures that the brand is consistent across all communications and brand touch points.

A corporate identity was created to reflect the new brand. It included the letterhead, envelopes, business card, personal response card, and writing tablet.

Using the new brand as the foundation, a sales kit was created that includes a presentation folder (left), 12-page overview of services, writing tablet, and a placeholder for a business card. The objective was an "all-in-one" kit for prospective customers and also an extra inside pocket for the sales staff to insert print samples of previous work.
The theme for the sales kit was "Bring Your Message to Life". The text on the front of both pieces states, "
Print speaks to a market like no other media. Brilliant colors, compelling imagery, and finely crafted text all come together to bring your message to life".

An inside view of the sales kit.

The creative direction for the sales brochure was to communicate that Wallace Graphics is a thought leader in the printing arena, offers a full range of services, and is a socially responsible printer. By its nature, printing is a very technical process. With those aspects in mind, 12 benefits were listed in the introduction to show that they understand the power of printed material.
Printing is technical in nature, but most prospective customers are unfamiliar with the process. All the text was written in plain english with no technical jargon, so a prospective customer could easily understand the service offerings. The color green was used in specific areas of the brochure and a section conveys Wallace Graphics' sustainable practices were detailed in it.
Finally, stunning images of nature were selected to show the exceptional quality of printing and to showcase Wallace Graphics' reproduction abilities.


Inside spreads of the sales brochure.

Another example of the sales brochure..

The inside back cover provides and equipment list. This section is beneficial to prospective customers who are familiar with printing such as marketing directors and print brokers.

Final Story
John Wallace, the owner of Wallace Graphics called recently to say how much liked the new brand and sales materials. He said that while he liked them, what he really liked was the immediate response rate and new customers he was gaining from the sales kit.
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