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Back Story
As I sat down to insert core values text for this website, I had an internal "check" that I should reconsider what I am about to do. As I reread the values statements they were accurate on their face, but they did not capture the tone and intent I wanted to convey.
I believe the best way to connect with others is to be authentic and transparent.
Based on my beliefs I am going to shake things up a bit. I am the owner of Mediarail, but I am also a customer to other businesses. Rather than offer a set of core values I'd rather clearly define what I believe as a customer, because it is the mirror I use for my business activities. If the following makes sense to you, you may enjoy reading The Power of Story to learn more about connecting brands with consumers.

I Am a Customer
I consider myself an informed consumer and I rarely buy on impulse. I like to do some research before I make a purchase, and the higher the cost the more the research I do. I often read company websites, independent product reviews, customer reviews, ask friends, and sometimes even visit a few stores to inspect the items in person. In the end, I am placing my trust in you and what you have to offer.
I have clear expectations about what I have purchased from you. If I contact you in the future it is because I have a question or a problem. I hope that you will have a friendly attitude and a willingness to help me. If I leave a voice mail or send you an email, the response time tells me the level of importance I have with you.
If a mistake is made on your part do your best to make it right. Please let common sense rule over policies and procedures. If you resolve the situation beyond my expectations I will be thrilled.

I am interested in hearing from you occasionally if you have information that enhances my experience or educates me about your products or services. Please do not share my contact information or consider it an open invitation to place other items in front of me several times a month.
Please be clear on the costs and anything else related to what you are offering. If I am unpleasantly surprised I will become disgruntled. It is likely that I will take my business elsewhere, and tell others about my poor experience.
Do what you do best and don't offer more than you can deliver. Referring me to another product or service if you can't help me is impressive and it motivates me to do business with you in the future.
In the end, I hope that you delight me more than you satisfy me. If I am delighted, I will be a cheerleader for your brand and be unreachable by your competition.

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