Branded Collateral

The University of Georgia School of Law
| Annual Reports
The University of Georgia School of Law is regarded as one of the nation's top law schools, currently ranked among the top 14 public law schools in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Annual reports are created for each fiscal year to reflect the allocation of funds, the Dean's report and donor listings. Other print and online collateral is developed to support their giving campaigns and alumni touch points. Additional collateral: advertisements, direct mail, email, invitations, alumni kits, posters, and other elements to promote giving.

The Salvation Army
| Pooled Income Fund Program
We often partner with organizations that do good. As a non-profit organization, The Salvation Army relies on donations large and small to serve the needs of others across the globe. Part of the funding efforts are geared toward charitable gifts in a pool similar to a mutual fund. The inspiration for the covers came while viewing the portraits in the hallway prior to the initial creative meeting. Additional collateral: training materials and promotions, posters, graduation programs.

Cox Communications
| Cox Cares Program
As the third-largest telecommunications provider in the United States, Cox Communications allows its employees to donate to the care of their coworkers who are affected by natural disasters. The project included large format posters, letter, and an email campaign.

Kamado Joe
| Package Design
In the ceramic grill market, Kamado Joe is a rising star in the market based on their expanding product line, innovation, design quality, and stellar customer service. Consistent package design is one of the elements of growing a strong brand. Additional collateral: advertisements, trade show booth design, website, dealer support, online newsletter, product brochures, specification sheets, owners manuals, POS displays, direct mail, consumer promotions, online videos, and lifestyle/product photography.

Sterling International Review Board
| Services Brochure
This company works to safeguard the rights and welfare of research participants in clinical trials. A services brochure was created as a dual purpose piece to inform participants and pharmaceutical companies.

AT&T Cingular
| Public Safety Kit (Hispanic)
With the increasing issues related to the use of a cell phone while driving, an information kit was created with a booklet and DVD. The focus was to encourage safe driving and the appropriate use of cell phones to the Hispanic community.

Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS)
| Executive Summary
ACS provides information technology services and business process outsourcing solutions to businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. This executive summary was created in their bid to oversee the Medicaid program for the State of Florida.

| Advertisements
Offering upscale living at Atlantic Station, ATLofts advertises in local magazines to bring awareness and interest to their real estate holdings. Additional collateral: posters, signage, invitations, billboards, and consumer takeaways.

Georgian Highlands
| Advertisements
This northern Georgia company promotes mountain living as a second or retirement home. The creative goal was to use an enticing and serene theme to print ads to motivate interest in the available properties.

Fifth & Gourmet
| Corporate Catering Menus
A subsidiary of Sodexho, this company offers array of menu options for companies who desire catering on a regular basis or for special events. Corporate and holiday menus were created to motivate potential users with a creative theme of elegance and gourmet level food offerings.

The State of Georgia WIC Program
| Overview Brochure
The State of Georgia WIC program is the nation's fifth largest Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. A brochure was developed to provide information to the most commonly asked questions of the program. The creative direction was to use a cork board with note cards; similar to what mother's use for important information. Each not card covered a specific topic.

| Technology Summary
This company developed the the software and sensors for helmets to monitor and track the intensity of impacts to athlete's heads in contact sports. The core goal is to prevent concussions and brain injuries. The summary is intended to give an overview of the technology and the unique benefits of integrating it into the sporting world.

Posados Cafe
| Menu
This popular Mexican restaurant has locations across Texas and Louisiana. The focus on a family atmosphere and an extensive number of menu items. The creative direction was "authentic" and "fun". Vintage photography, casual fonts, and warm colors were used to convey the intended theme. Additional collateral: table tents, POS displays, gift cards, and a drink menu.

Service Partners
| Product Catalog
Service Partners is the nation's largest distributor of residential insulation products and related accessories. Organizing and creating a highly readable catalog with the vast number of product offerings with items numbers, SKUs, descriptions, and photographs is a satisfying task.
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